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Who We Are

I am Suzie Cherry owner/operator of Backwoods Apparel & Graphics. We are a family owned & operated out of Clovis, New Mexico 

How It Started

It is a funny story. I had needed some shirts printed and designed for a family function that we had and I went to a local company store placed my order. Well wouldn’t you know a few months passed by and I still have not received my order. So when I made the call they said that it would be a couple weeks longer. So I decided that I would just do it myself to get the job done. When I did they turned out amazing and friends and family wanted printing and design themselves.

Why Choose Us

Being Family owned and Operated we care about the quality of our customers products.

How It Works

We have custom prints that are available and every print is unique. All you have to do is drop us a line with your idea and then the magic happens. 

Best Quality Printed Tshirts And Mugs Very Affordable Price

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Why buy a piece of apparel that everyone else has make you own statement by getting custom work done.

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